C h r i s t o p h e r   M e s z l e r

C h r i s t o p h e r   M e s z l e r


I have over 5 years of experience as a professional web developer. My expertise is in front-end development, using HTML5, CSS3, and the jQuery framework for JavaScript to create innovative and useful visual designs. I also have a solid knowledge of AJAX for dynamic page loading, mySQL and PHP for database programming, and the WordPress and Drupal content management systems.

As much as I enjoy pushing myself to come up with unique designs and concepts with each website I produce, I always make sure that my projects:

Please take a look at my portfolio below, and never hesitate to ask me any questions at cmeszler@gmail.com

Latest Projects

Lutheran World Relief is a non-profit charitable organization that works with partners overseas to create long-lasting solutions to poverty. I act as the sole web developer to maintain their current website through the requests from over 100 employees and design supplemental pages as requested.



Little Flowers is an improvisational electronic music group that plays energetic live shows. I am also the drummer of the band.


Rebecca Anne Rogers Meszler is a visual artist, working in watercolors, embroidery and many other media to create whimsical art inspired by antiques and children's books. (She is also my wife).


Jonathan Pfeffer is a musician and composer from Philadelphia, PA.


Older Projects

LP33.tv was a start-up music website conceived by former top executives of EMI Records and MTV Europe, with the idea of being a new, modern portal for music discovery and publicity. Due to circumstances outside of my control, the company or site no longer exist.

Olivia Robinson is an accomplished artist from Baltimore, MD, who uses performance and electronic forms of media to create works with a strong sense of political activism.


Meszlermedia V2.0 was my previous portfolio site, which is now obsolete based on current coding standards, but the animations I designed consistently impressed a lot of people.



The Open Blog is mostly an example site to show that I understand the basic concepts behind PHP, mySQL, AJAX and JSON, which are all skills I haven't had much opportunity to use extensively as a front-end developer. Open Blog connects with a database to allow anyone to add, delete and search through posts, all loaded dynamically on the same page. My PHP is split into several files, of which the code can be seen here. (Note: I know there are several security risks in this project, but it's only intended to be an example of my code. Please play with it as much as you'd like).


This drawing application is something I built a long time ago, but it's actually done in straight JavaScript without a framework, so it's useful to show that I am not dependent on jQuery in scripting websites. You can pick a color from the palette at the bottom of the screen and toggle the drawing mode on and off by clicking anywhere in the black area above.