About the Shop

HWY North is a pop-up shop loaded with handmade home goods, textiles, jewelry, cards, prints & more! Most everything we sell is made by artists from Minnesota, however, I have to admit, a friend or two from Chicago will likely sell some work too. A few hand-picked artists from the US will join us as well, because I need to be surrounded by their beautiful things.

We also offer workshops, demonstrations, and classes for the arts and crafts, as well as classes for teaching intentional living practices. Hopefully at some point we will host book launches, art shows, and small soirees to boot. This is a growing vision, and has been made possible by the community, following a month-long crowd funding campaign. It is our dream to create a space where the community feels comfortable to come in, hang out, have a cup of tea, and to be inspired to MAKE. Let us know if you would like to host a workshop or other event in our space!

We are proudly based in the Midway neighborhood. The shop is owned and curated by Emily Anderson with the help of many talented friends and collaborators, as well as all of the wonderful contributors who helped financially make this possible.


Q: Can I sell my work in your shop?

A: I am always looking for talented artisans who make high-quality products. All of the items in the store are hand-selected by a team of creative minds. If you are interested in selling at HWY North, please send an email to thehighwaynorth@gmail.com with CLEAR photographs that you feel best represent your work. Please keep in mind that well-composed photographs, that represent the time and care you put into your work, will be received better by our creative team. Take the time to make it right. It will serve you well.

Q: Do you do consignment?

A: Yes! As a matter of fact, that is almost ALL we do.

Q: Are you taking on any new wholesale accounts?

A: No, not right now. Perhaps in the future.

Q: I sent you an email and haven't heard back yet. Why?

A: I honestly TRY to keep up with phone calls and emails, however, with the high volume of interaction I'm receiving lately, sometimes an email gets buried. My times for correspondence are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. If you haven't heard back from me within a week, please try again and wait for a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon to hear back. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that I will be able to return all emails and phone calls.


Located inside of Groundswell Coffee Bar / Restaurant
1346 Thomas Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104

Hours: 7am-9pm Daily