I began building websites in the late 90's and further developed my skills by obtaining a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering in 2004. I was employed at a high-profile music website from 2008 - 2011, keeping me up-to-date on modern design techniques. I have expert knowledge of HTML, CSS, AJAX, and Javascript/jQuery as well as database programming (mySQL, PHP), content management systems (Drupal, Wordpress, Tumblr) and social network application development (Facebook). Between these skills and a natural instinct for object-oriented programming, I am able to learn new languages quickly if needed

Whenever I take on a new client, I make sure to understand their hopes and goals as throughly as I possibly can. There's no perfect language to translate one's desires for a website in non-technical terms so I make every attempt to work around that disconnect in an easy and stress-free manner. The best aspect of my job is allowing clients to focus on what they are good and happy doing by earning their trust and taking on the pressure of developing their internet presence.

Once I have the basic design and content requirements from a client, I will fill in any gaps with some sort of fun, unique, interactive design that complements the information without taking over. While doing this, I'll stay cognizant of low loading times and ensure that the design works properly across most popular browsers, operating systems and handheld devices. After a design is finalized, we can discuss what possibilities are available for my maintaining it in the future.

You can see examples of my work by clicking any of the options in the list to the left. Please do not hesitate to contact me at cmeszler@gmail.com if this explanation isn't comprehensive and you still have questions! I will sincerely try my best to work around any financial limitation or lack of technical knowledge you may have. No judgements!


Olivia Robinson

Website: www.oliviarobinson.com (launches in new window)

Client in their words: Olivia Robinson is a multimedia fiber artist whose work spans performance, installation, research, and community engagement.

Requirements I fulfilled: Updated her site and expanded a half-used Drupal back-end to encompass the entire site, so that she could focus solely on updating it at will. Easily navigatable around her many works with a unique built-in photo slideshow and an AJAX e-mail form.

Languages/systems used: HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, AJAX, Drupal


Rebecca Rogers

Website: www.rebeccarogers.org (launches in new window)

Client in their words: Baltimore, MD based visual artist who draws inspiration from antique quilts, toys from childhood, local wildflowers, folklore, and tales of adventure.

Requirements I fulfilled: Very simple design based on client's design sketches; Scroll-over magnifying glass functionality to show details of artwork

Languages/systems used: HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery


Daly Film Productions

Website: www.dalyfilmproductions.com (launches in new window)

Client in their words: Daly Film Productions is an American multi-faceted production company founded in 2011, by CEO Julian Daly. The company primarily focuses on small independent films, with dedicated executives and crew, and with the effort to bring the passion and creativity back to Hollywood.

Requirements I fulfilled: Redesign his current layout using a wide-screen format and animation effects.

Languages/systems used: HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery


City of Horror

Website: www.cityofhorror.com (launches in new window)

Client in their words: City of Horror is a clothing company that is more like a record label, having grown up on horror films and the DIY ethics of punk rock and hardcore music.

Requirements I fulfilled: Consolidate multiple web presences into a central location on Tumblr, using an appropriate design that includes a slideshow of images.

Languages/systems used: HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, Tumblr, Bigcartel API



Website: www.lp33.tv (goes to youtube page as the actual site is no longer online for reasons outside of my control)

Client in their words: LP33 was an innovative, music news, discovery, and promotion platform that operated during 2008-2011. We filmed beautiful live performances and made stunning short films about the best emerging and established artists.

Requirements I fulfilled: Developed Flex-based media player that was a highlight in attracting deals with McDonalds restaurants, the Chinese government and the South by Southwest music festival. It was programmed to interface with a back-end database and be displayed within a complex web layout, as well as on external sites and a Facebook application.

Languages/systems used: HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, mySQL, Flash/Flex, WordPress, Facebook


Little Flowers

Website: www.littleflowers.biz (launches in new window)

Client in their words: LITTLE FLOWERS makes mutant dance music in Baltimore, Maryland.

Requirements I fulfilled: Create completely randomized, interactive design that can entertain a user while listening to the audio and video tracks provided.

Languages/systems used: HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery


Green by Chance

Website: www.greenbychance.net (launches in new window)

Client in their words: Bob Chance is a locally recognized and world-traveled naturalist, conservationist, educator, trailmaster, and river guide with over 40 years experience inspiring, educating, and motivating people of all ages.

Requirements I fulfilled: Create a design to appeal to a variety of unique audiences, such as kids, environmentalists and Christmas tree buyers.

Languages/systems used: HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery

Chris Meszler

Chris Meszler is an experienced web designer and musician who lives in Baltimore, MD, after time spent living in Los Angeles, CA, London, UK and Tucson, AZ.

Web & Graphic Design
With a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, I have developed many cross-browser compatible web and mobile presences for friends, musicians and businesses. Click here to learn more about my philosophy and the projects that I have developed.

I have played drums with several bands all over the country, having booked and performed hundreds of concerts in North America and Europe to receptive audiences. To learn more, click here.

You can access my resume in PDF format by clicking here.

To get in touch with me about questions or work opportunities, please e-mail me at cmeszler@gmail.com.

2012-2013: Moved back to Baltimore and met Jesse Stiles, a well-reknowned electronic sound designer. He has been more than accommodating of the strange ideas that I've developed through my travels and they are becoming happily realized in my current project "Little Flowers." Hopefully I'll see you soon.

2010-2011: Had to move on and decided to unwind and relax in friends' bands in LA that were more conventional, including the straightahead but harsh "Bipolar Bear" (which became "Turrks" before it disbanded) and the folky, cute "Finches". Also did a silly project with karaoke-loving friends called "The Singers," with whom I cameoed in a funny video.

2007-2009: Moved to LA and literally tried out for 40 bands by trolling on Craigslist. Found some of my best friends ever that way but ultimately just met a member of the indescribable "Upsilon Acrux" (see videos) while at a bar and found my way into his band. This also matched me with their more accessible but still weird brothers in "Bad Dudes." Between them I toured the US 3 times and Europe twice and made more great friends and memories.

2006: Moved back to Baltimore and was accepted into a instrumental metal band called "Trephine" with amazing people over ten years older than me. Got to do 6-week US tour with them and it changed my life forever for better or worse, mostly better.

2001-2004: Had band in Tucson called "Good Like Pain." Showing signs of improvement. We played about 20 local shows in 3 years and made great friends. Did 1-day "tour" of Los Angeles and sat in a parking lot most of the time because I wasn't 21 and couldn't get into the club except to play.

1997-2000: Was one of only two drummers in high school. Played with several bands. Did shows in garages, living rooms, a tattoo shop and a VFW. Recorded 5-song demo that is still fun to laugh at and laugh with.

1996: Got a drumset for Christmas from my parents that I didn't ask for.

Tour Map


USA: Arizona (Phoenix, Tucson, Sierra Vista), Arkansas (Hot Springs, Little Rock), California (Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, San Francisco, Oakland, Davis, Glendale, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Hemet), Colorado (Denver), Delaware (Wilmington), Florida (Orlando, Tallahassee), Georgia (Savannah, Atlanta, Athens), Illinois (Chicago, Carbondale), Iowa (Iowa City, Des Moines, Cedar Falls), Kentucky (Newport), Louisiana (New Orleans, Lafayette), Maryland (Baltimore, Frostburg, Edgewood, Churchville), Massachusetts (Boston), Michigan (Kalamazoo, Detroit), Missouri (St. Louis), Nebraska (Lincoln, Omaha), New Mexico (Albuquerque, Las Cruces), New York (New York, Annandale-on-Hudson), North Carolina (Greenville, Charlotte, Wilmington, Asheville), Ohio (Cleveland, Columbus, Kent, Cincinnati, Youngstown), Oklahoma (Norman, Oklahoma City), Oregon (Corvallis, Portland), Pennsyvania (Philadelphia, York), Texas (Amarillo, Austin, Dallas), Utah (Salt Lake City), Washington (Tacoma, Anacortes, Freeland, Seattle), Washington, DC, Wisconsin (Madison, Milwaukee)
North America: Canada (Vancouver), Mexico (Mexicali)
Europe: Germany (Wurzburg, Dresden, Mainz, Hamburg, Potsdam, Kassel, Berlin, Leipzig, Nuremburg, Freiburg, Trier), Denmark (Copenhagen), Netherlands (Rotterdam, Maastricht), Czech Republic (Prague, Kutna Hora), Spain (Barcelona), France (Strasbourg, Lyon, Lille, Paris), UK (Chatham, Nottingham, Liverpool, Worchester, London, Leeds), Ireland (Dublin, Cork), Italy (Turin, Rome, Milan, Frosinone, Soliera, Reggio nell'Emilia, Faenza), Austria (Vienna)

Bands Played With
Mission of Burma, Locust, Marnie Stern, Cheer-Accident, ZS, Carla Bozulich & Nels Cline, Dysrhythmia, Mick Barr, Peter Brotzmann, Health, Extra Life, Ruins, Kayo Dot, Aa, Mae Shi, Abe Vigoda, Adebisi Shank, Io Monade Stanca, Yowie, Microkingdom, Ahleuchatistas, Experimental Dental School, Sleeping People, Pharmacy, Okkervil River, Cinemechanica, Calibi Yau, Drunk Driver, We Vs. The Shark, Grandpire, Polar Goldie Cats, Talons, Busdriver, No Age, Explosion, Times New Viking, These Monsters, A.P.A.T.T, Bats, Weaser Walter, UFO vs. Reisenwelle, Obstacles, Blakfish, Honey Ride Me a Goat, Osis Krull, Time of Orchids, Child Abuse, Clan of the Cavebear, Peter Kolovos, Animal, Yip Yip, Twin, Littlest Viking, Yukon, Japandi, Nu Sensae, Ancestors, Dylan Posa & 3 Cheers for a Dead Man, Horse the Band, XHOHX, All-Leather, Make a Rising, Howl, Little Women, Bear is Driving, We Used to be Family, The Laze, Oso, These People Here, Anavan, Mae Shi, Japanther, Monotonix, Show is the Rainbow, Akron/Family, Chinese Stars, Ho-Ag, CPC Gangbangs, Fuckface Unstoppable, Mr. Moccasin, Baby Venom, RTX, Hiroshima Rocks Around, Lipstick Terror, Howl, Dawes, Papercuts, Pwrful Pwr, Nodzzz, Lavendar Diamond, Diva, Plateaus, Falling Trees, Key Losers, Rose Melberg, Coconut, Mist & Mast, Sun Foot, Anna Oxygen, Gabriel Mintz, Banjo or Freakout, Mia Doi Todd, Upside Drown, Unreliable Narrator, Very Be Careful, World History, Remembran, Ashley & Eli, Sparrowbat, Old Lumps, Sparrows Gate, Worleys, Hungry Ghost, Jamaicanasandwich, Physical Forms, Night Control, Dunes, Skulls Tape, Growing, Sightings, Lamps, Tes Elations, Voice on Tape, No Paws, Eric Copeland, White Shit, Shearing Pinks, Cold Showers, Neonates, Hatchet Wound, Protectme, Forever Baby, Boris, Sunn O)))), Weedeater, Psychic Paramount, Big Business, Mouth of the Architect, Dark Water Transit, Totimoshi, Members of the Press, Jucifer, Darsombra, Stinking Lizaveta, Pelican, Minsk, Alabama Thunderpussy, Misery Index, Rwake, Soilent Green, Wetnurse, Dactyl